2021 Spring Sports Conduct

Central Hinds Academy Parents, Fans, Students, Players, and Coaches:

We have received a letter from MAIS along with all other member schools expressing concerns over our behavior during Spring Athletic events. Please take note of the following:

  • We must display good sportsmanship at all events.
  • Teams are to avoid negative comments or chants toward the opposition.
  • No one is to harass or question umpires and/or officials at any contest.
  • We should display sportsmanship, respect, honesty, discipline, and hard work as team members during all contests.
  • Umpires and/or officials are not to be confronted at any time by fans, players, or coaches.

Failure to abide by these rules of good sportsmanship/conduct can result in disqualifications or other disciplinary measures, including ejection and/or fines.

We hope that everyone will come out and support our track, tennis, baseball, and golf teams as they move toward post-season play.

Your cooperation in this and all matters is gratefully appreciated.

God Bless!

Go Cougars!

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