CHA Funding and Improvements Update

A complete, detailed listing of non-routine school expenditures using school funds for the last two years is listed below.  Please note that the list does not include routine expenditures such as salaries, insurance, regular expenses, athletic expenses, office supplies etc…. We hope you find this information informative and insightful.

Central Hinds Academy – Parents/Patrons

The improvements and repairs that have been made over the past two years have been listed below.  Some of them are related to repairs from tornado damage, COVID funds, and items taken from general funds.  We hope that this provides the Board members some insight to the large volume of issues that our school administration has been faced with over the last year.  As a note, regular monthly expenditures were not included unless new purchases were made.

Breakdown of items that were replaced following the tornado damage during the 2019-2020 school year:

  • The concession stand located by the football field received a new roof, including inside roof repair, and a new air conditioner.
  • Removal of fallen trees and limbs as well as cutting those that were damaged.
  • Lights on the football and baseball fields were completely reworked, which included new lights in some areas, new ballast, and light realignment, as needed.  Marcus Buffington assured that we received a high-quality job.
  • Replacement of the electrical service pole as well as the transformer near the football field concession stand.
  • Electrical wiring was run and re-connected as needed.
  • New roof on high school hallway.
  • Cleaning of computer lab and replacement of ceiling tile.
  • Replacement of electrical hookup on first white building.
  • New siding and skirting around trailer behind gym.
  • Fencing was replaced from front gate to double gate on hill by the football field.
  • Front of Junior High building, siding and wood replaced.

The following is a general breakdown of funds made available through Mississippi Pandemic Availability Act HB 1788 (third and fourth bullets) and the Mississippi Development Authority Assistant Grant and Small Business Administration ($10,000.00):

  • Purchased sanitation supplies, cleaning supplies, and sprayers used for regular spraying of classrooms and athletic facilities ($10,000.00).
  • Purchased 130 iPads to be used by elementary, junior high, and secondary students. Teachers also received an iPad for classroom and Google Classroom usage ($71,500.00).
  • Contracted an IT expert to monitor network, install devices to increase WIFI services to entire campus, including athletic venues ($4,800.00/year).
  • Upgraded the internal hardware, including installation, in order to upgrade networking ($20,000.00).
  • Added a 3rd grade teacher to decrease class size due to COVID concerns ($30,000.00, 40% paid through MDA Grant).
  • PPP funds totaling $374,000.00 were used for payroll and utilities.
  • Purchased 19 Apple TV’s for classroom usage ($3,000.00).
  • Added two cafeteria workers to help with food preparation and distribution during lunch and break ($15,400.00/40% paid through MDA Grant).
  • Purchased computer carts to move iPads ($1,300.00).
  • Purchased two carts for cafeteria to use for food delivery to classrooms ($500.00).
  • Purchased signage for COVID ($200.00).
  • Purchased thermometers and masks for each classroom and offices ($2,000.00).

The following is a breakdown of improvements where funds came from general revenue. Also included are improvements and repairs made some of which were donated. Labor and/or supplies:

  • Purchased a new school bus ($90,000.00, paid monthly).
  • Purchased a new Kubota lawn mower for fields and grounds ($7,500.00)
  • Repaired the old school truck to be used for campus and local travel ($500.00).
  • Repaired the tractor lift ($2,300.00).
  • Painted the outside of elementary building, some classrooms, and elementary bathrooms ($3,000.00).
  • Converted the water fountains to bottle fillers ($7,000.00).
  • Hired an IT person on a part-time basis to help with individual computer issues. Paid hourly and varies. Also, hired an assistant to help with computer/technology issues.
  • Created an elementary STEM lab equipped with sinks which were purchased and installed. A STEM lab director was hired to direct the development and stocking.  Some of the funds for the lab were made available through Hinds County Schools and Title 4 ($25,000.00, total expense).
  • Purchased AC units to begin rotating out old equipment ($20,000.00).
  • Increased teachers’ salaries over the past two years ($40,000.00).
  • Purchased six window units with AC and heat ($3,000.00).
  • Purchased a new metal roof for 5th grade classroom ($5,000.00).
  • Purchased a new gutter system between gym and cafeteria to prevent leaking in cafeteria ($2,700.00).
  • Purchased baseball field dirt for infield ($4,000.00).
  • Hired a varsity and junior high boy’s coach ($15,000.00, parttime).
  • Removed culverts on elementary playground (work donated by Blake Shipp and Doc Lambert).
  • Provided a Christmas bonus to full and part-time employees ($50,000.00, last two years).
  • Purchased used furniture from MS Surplus Property for classroom, office, and athletics ($500.00).
  • Purchased seven smart TV’s and three projectors for classroom use ($3,600.00).
  • Purchased recruitment ads for newspapers ($1,000.00).
  • Repaired water lines for campus that connect outside of elementary bathrooms ($4,000.00, two repairs).
  • Purchased a concrete slab for softball batting cage ($12,000.00, Green-Gold funds).
  • Purchased dirt work for softball batting cage ($1,000.00, school funds).
  • Purchased painting and sealing of junior building along with painting of doors on white buildings ($7,000.00).
  • Purchased food for staff for the last two years ($1,000.00).



The following projects have been performed by Jeff Corkern and other volunteers at little or no cost to CHA:

  • Re-working of electrical supply to campus, which occurred in three phases:
    • Phase 1 – Transformers, gears, insulators ($3,000.00).
    • Phase 2 – Office and concession stand area along with replacing transformer and moving switches ($10,000.00).
    • Phase 3 – Electrical feed to library and also set for future expansions to back part of campus (cost, TBD). Jeff has had Marcus Buffington and Chandler Breckenridge working with him on these projects and others.  CHA is responsible for electrical fixtures including poles, wiring, fuses, lights, etc… from the point where they enter the campus.
  • Other areas that have been maintained by Jeff Corken:
    • Work on breaker boxes.
    • Lighting both inside and outside.
    • Scoreboards on athletic fields and in the gym.
    • Electrical supply and changing out older equipment across campus.
    • Planning for improved lighting over the entire campus and implementing the plan.
    • Working to replace older electrical devices with more energy efficient equipment.

Teacher positioning and staff alignment:

  • One teacher assigned to grades 2-6 to help with discipline, direct curriculum, organization, classroom management, evaluate teachers, conduct/lead parent teacher conferences, directing testing, public relations, and advertisements, and generally promoting elementary excellence.
  • One teacher that assists with K-3 through 1st grade.  She also works closely with improving the overall elementary environment, helps in determining direction and needs related to elementary and kindergarten, and participates in all areas listed in the first bullet.
  • CHA has been blessed to have many teachers and staff step-up during these challenging times. Tyanne McCoy has served as our school nurse and has been extremely helpful with COVID-related issues.  She monitors all students and staff regarding the daily number of quarantined students and/or staff. Our school has been significantly improved and made safer by her serving in this capacity.
  • Faculty meetings for all staff who assist with the day-to-day school operation and to who assist with short and long-range planning.
  • Teachers are encouraged to visit other campuses to confer with their peers about issues related to improvement of instruction, curriculum, classroom control, testing, etc.
  • Teachers have attended various workshops to improve their skills (such as Lausanne Learning Institute where fees are paid through Title 2 funds).


Advancing Student Learning is our primary objective in which all decisions regarding the improvement of instruction are based upon.  Test scores are important in helping to evaluate student learning and the effectiveness of instruction:

  • ACT preparatory training for students with fees being paid by Title 2 funds ($7,000.00).
  • Dual enrollment classes for juniors and seniors through Hinds Community College (We currently pay from $24,000-28000.00 annually).


Curriculum Development/Mapping Teaching Across the Curriculum:

Over the last two years, the elementary has begun implementing the Stream concept which calls for coordination between grade levels and subject areas.  The concept is based on obtaining a smooth transition with planning and evaluation based on regular testing and use of Star testing program.  End-of-the-year testing will give insights into the students’ readiness to successfully move forward.  Testing during the school year will help teachers determine the students’ needs and develop programs that best meet those needs.  CHA currently has several students that operate under some type of accommodation.

Other elementary activities include:

  • Elementary newsletter monthly
  • Elementary Cougars for Christ
  • Google Suite (Gmail, Google Classroom, Documentation, slides, etc.)
  • Soccer goals/balls for playground
  • Tumblebook
  • Computer training IPad
  • Epic Access
  • Assistant teacher for K-3 – K-5

Teachers in elementary and secondary are to have a course syllabus for each discipline.  The syllabus should outline the material to be covered along with goals and objectives.  Lesson plans should be prepared based on the syllabus relative to evaluation of student learning through quality and well-prepared lessons. Regular testing, nine weeks testing, and semester exams will help teachers in their evaluations of student achievement.

The secondary River concept should build on the elementary Stream concept for a smooth flow in the learning process.  The goal of the River is to have students who are independent thinkers able to be problem solvers and creative thinkers who have mastered all basic skills needed for future success.

Goals and objectives should be established based on student achievement in every lesson.

The success of any academic program is based on a school’s ability to hire highly motivated and caring teachers that are dedicated to their students.  The ability of the school to do that is to be able to have a salary structure and benefit package that is attractive to staff.  Successful schools are able to retain quality teachers who are the backbone of the educational process.

We, like other schools, have faced dealing with COVID which has helped accelerate the use of technology but at the same time slowed collaborative efforts with regard to planning and development of overall goals and objectives.  We will continue to explore the use of virtual learning and how it can be used in a more normal environment.

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