Registration Information and Designated Times

CHA Patrons:

The 2021 Registration will be Friday, August 6th, from 8:00am-12:00pm.  Please come during your designated time as listed below.  If you are unable to attend at the time slot you are assigned, please contact Kristi in the office to make an alternate arrangement.  All registration paperwork will be posted on the website for you to print, complete, and bring with you to registration.  Registration packets will be available online and in the office starting the week of August 2nd.    To make the process as quick as possible, please make sure you have all your paperwork complete before coming to registration.

Please make sure you come at your assigned times according to your last name (parent or custodian/guardian):

8:00-8:30 – A-Br

8:30-9:00 – Bu-Da

9:00-9:30 – De-Ha

9:30-10:00 – He-Le

10:00-10:30 – Ll-M

10:30-11:00 – N-R11:00-11:30 – S-Th

11:30-12:00 – Ti-

Fall/Winter Sports Picture Times and Dates

Fall/Winter Sports pictures will begin on Friday, July 30th, thru Saturday, July 31st at the following times.

July 30:

8:00 – Varsity Football

9:00 – Senior Banners

1:00 – Softball

2:30 – JV Cheerleaders

3:00 – JV Football

4:45 – Cross Country

July 31:

8:30 – K-3-K-5 Cougarettes

9:30 – 1st-3rd Cougarettes

10:30 – PeeWee Cheerleaders


June Cougar Update

Dear Cougar Community,

    I want to thank you for the wonderful welcome that I have had at Central Hinds so far. I am thrilled to be working with some great people that have one thing in common: the focus on our students. As smooth as things have been for me, I realize that during any transition, there are lots of questions and at least a little bit of anxiety, so as I finish my first full month on campus, I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

     First, I am more than thrilled with the new faculty that we have put in place for this coming school year. From early elementary to high school, the quality, experience, and excitement of the new faculty should be immediately evident when we return to campus in August. As many of you know, my background is in academics, and getting the best teachers in front of our kids is my priority. I can tell you that in that regard, we are on the right track!

     Secondly, I want to let you know that we have a slightly different administrative structure this year. Of course, I am the Head of School; however, we are building a team to help effectively lead all of the aspects of the school. In addition to the normal role of Head of school, I will be the immediate leader of academics in the secondary school. I am looking forward to working with the teachers in grades 7-12 to prepare our students for what’s next. In the lower grades, Mrs. Nix will be the principal for the preschool and elementary similarly to recent years. This means that she will be the lead on curriculum and instruction and “everyday” issues in this area of our school.

     The notable changes to the administrative structure at CHA will see two familiar faces with additional administrative responsibilities. Our Athletic Director, Lance Teasley, will also have the title and position of Dean of Students. In this role, Coach Teasley will report to me and will be the main administrator for issues of discipline and attendance. In addition, Cheryl Gray, who works in our counseling department and works heavily in admissions, will have the added title of Student Activities Coordinator. In this role, Mrs. Gray will be the go to person for CHA student programs, clubs, activities, and school sponsored social events. I can not think of a better person to continue to foster a strong sense of community and school spirit than Mrs. Gray. Between now and the beginning of school, please be aware that we will be working to clearly define and communicate the “who do I go to for this issue” plan. Please standby as we get that communication ready for everyone.

     Aside from the new faces and new roles on campus, this month we have had really positive athletic activities on campus as well as the formation of the very first CHA Drumline. There seems to be an overwhelmingly positive reaction to this endeavor, and we have had several students express interest. The school was able to purchase a “used” set of drums, and they are on campus right now. I gotta say, I don’t think Friday Nights in Raymond will ever be the same!

     Finally, I have met many of you, but I certainly haven’t met all. As we progress through the school year, I sincerely hope that we have the chance to get to know each other. Please know that my priority is the progress of our school so that our students have the best possible opportunities for the rest of their lives, and I look forward to working with each family to achieve this goal.

God Bless, and Go Cougars!!!!

Steve McCartney

Head of School

Central Hinds Academy

CHA Student Government Officers for 2021/2022


Central Hinds Academy Student Government Officers for 2021/2022

Student Body President

Mason Jordan

Student Body Vice President

Jake Carmichael

Student Body Secretary

 Brantley Martin

Student Body Treasurer

 Joely Brown

 Senior Representatives

Liam Cronin, Nicholas Dunaway, Carmen Mason

Junior Representatives

Caleb Callahan, Karson Lowery

Sophomore Representatives

Turner McNamee, Alli Beth Scott

Freshman Representatives

Gracie Horton, Brooke Smith

8th Grade Representatives

Bryce Christopher, Kameron Jeffreys

7th Grade Representatives

Travis Lord, Jackson Teasley

Uniform Guidelines For 2021/2022 School Year

All uniform tops will be black or green purchased from Dennis.
-Boys may wear approved khaki pants or shorts from any vendor.
-Elementary girls may wear approved khaki pants, shorts, or skorts from any vendor. They may also wear the plaid skort or dress from Dennis.
-Secondary girls may wear approved khaki pants or shorts from any vendor. They may only wear the plaid or khaki skort from Dennis.
-Outerwear must be purchased from Dennis. Heavy coats will be allowed for temps under 40 degrees.

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