These are the instructions for for accessing your student's grade and attendance portal.

Step One: go to on your desktop or click the button below to be redirected to the website and click on the "Register" button in the upper-right hand corner.

Step Two: Select "Parent".

Step Three: Enter your Parent Access Code.

Step Four: Fill out the form with your information and click "Register" to complete. Your parent profile will automatically be associated with that student on Schoology.

Step Five: Click your name in the top right to find your student's page in the drop-down menu.

*If more than one parent would like access to Schoology accounts you may set up another account using the same Parent Access Code for that student.

*If you have more than one student at CHA, you can click the "Add Child" button in the profile drop-down menu and use the Parent Access Codes for additional children. These codes should have come home with your child at the beginning of the school year or you may get the code from the CHA office.

*All of these instructions are for the desktop version of Schoology but these steps can also be followed after downloading the app for your mobile phone.